Exchange Server 2013 Role Calculator 6.3 çıktı.Yeni güncelleme ile Exchange Server 2013 SP1’e destek geldi.Ek olarak gelen diğer yenilikler aşağıdaki gibidir.

Changes since version 6.1:

  • Fixed Backup Requirements calculations to include greater than 50 databases.
  • Added additional processor core support.
  • Fixed the number of database volumes calculation when disk count is specified.
  • Fixed the database size calculation for A/P scenarios to match A/A scenario calculations.
  • Fixed the calculator to take into account halving database number per volume in non-site resilient scenarios.
  • Fixed conditional formatting errors on transport configuration settings.
  • Fixed transport sizing to take into account mailbox growth.
  • Updated CAS megacycle calculations to align with SP1 guidance.
  • Revised Dispart.ps1 script to create database mount points consistent with JetStress performance counters.
  • Added Calculator version number to record one field three of CSV export files.

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